The Commons on Flickr

The Commons on the flickr website is a joint project of flickr and the Library of Congress aimed increasing access to publicly held photography collections while also providing a way for the general public to contribute to the overall collection of publicly held common photography resources. Collections from more than 70 organizations and museums around […]

Commons Rising

Commons Rising is a website aimed at providing both information on the commons and a platform for the organization and implementation of commons based activities by community members. The site includes personal pages for and about each community member including a profile, activity, and blog. The site also includes a group message board, forums, and […]

Creative Commons

The Creative Commons supports the sharing of digital creative media by providing legal and technical resources and infrastructure. The organization supports all kinds of digital media, including images, pictures, music, video, writing, coding, and others by providing free and easily accessible ways to both license original works and utilize the work of other users to […]

Cancer Commons

Cancer Commons is a patient-centered resource and data sharing network that invites patients, researchers and clinicians to donate data in open science collaboration in order to create a “Rapid Learning Community”. The organization makes all of the collected data available to scientists working at over 20 cancer centers across the nation as they develop personalized […]

Street maps as public goods

Most of the readers might be used to use their gps powers smart phone to look up directions on a detailed and up to date map. However, this does not exist everywhere. In the slumps of our world there is a lack of good maps, which are essential for economic prosperity (like deciding what kind […]

Chalk Talks on the Tragedy of the Commons

The National Science Foundation created some illustrative videos on the tragedy of the commons and how to solve it. Have a look at these short videos at the following links for Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 Part 2

The changing music commons

When I bought my first single in 1982 – Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel – for a few dollars the world of music industry looked pretty clear. The single was a vinyl disc that could be played at a gramophone player. Only two songs were available, one on the A side, and one of the […]

Free-riding of religious groups causes measles outbreak in the Netherlands

A measles epidemic is emerging in the Netherlands. The hunderds of cases are mainly in areas where people live who don’t vaccinate their children because of religious reasons. If 90% of the people or more are vaccinated measles is not epidemic because of something that is called herd immunity. A disease like measles spread from […]

Public good provision by prison gangs

Why are there prison gangs? Do they lead to more violence? David Sharbek studies policentric governance of prison gangs, especially those in the USA. There is less violence and unrest in prisons since the 1950s, the period when the first gangs appeared. So, gangs seems to correlate with a reduction of violence, not an increase. In […]

Traffic Jams at the Top of the World

On May 29 1953, 60 years ago, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepali Tenzing Norgay, were the first humans to reach the top of the Mount Everest. Since then more than 4000 people have reached the top. It has become an industry to guide people to the top of the world and consequently there are […]