Every day many people go to Disney World, and many of the visitors want to attend one of the attractions of the park. Unfortunately there are more people going to Disney World than there are places available in the attractions to quickly enjoy one and move to the other. This leads to long lines, up to an hour or more.

Everyone has to wait in these long lines, except disabled people who can bypass these lines. This is a great service to the disabled. Since the disabled may not go alone to Disney World, they can have up to five additional persons joining them in by-passing the waiting lines.

An article in the New York Post mentions that wealthy visitors to Disney World hire disabled tour guides so that they can by-pass the waiting lines. The guidelines of the Disney World website says that “Auxiliary entrances are not intended to bypass waiting lines. Guests with disabilities and up to five members of their party may enter through these entrances. The rest of the party should use the main entrance.” This is of course difficult to monitor if five people hire a disabled tour guide.