Who rules with which rules?

The Social Rules project directed by Paul Steinberg of Harvey Mudd College is a great project that shows the importance of rules and norms in every day live, especially in the context of sustainability. Besides a book, an animation they also provide a game. A great educational source. http://www.rulechangers.org   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXPkRIeW45c

Traffic Jams at the Top of the World

On May 29 1953, 60 years ago, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepali Tenzing Norgay, were the first humans to reach the top of the Mount Everest. Since then more than 4000 people have reached the top. It has become an industry to guide people to the top of the world and consequently there are […]

Boundary rules in Disney World

Every day many people go to Disney World, and many of the visitors want to attend one of the attractions of the park. Unfortunately there are more people going to Disney World than there are places available in the attractions to quickly enjoy one and move to the other. This leads to long lines, up […]