Student projects

The students of the course “Rules, Games and Society” at Arizona State University use the book of this website, and they made some amazing videos. The task was to create a five minute video and apply concepts of the class to a specific topic. Here is a selection of the videos:

Governing a Mayan Forest

A great documentary on how indigenous communities in Guatemala are managing successfully their community forest of about 21,000 hectares. It is a nice example of self-governance and illustrates many of the design principles Elinor Ostrom found in her analysis of many case studies. 48 Cantones: The Mayan Forest by jmollrocek

Chalk Talks on the Tragedy of the Commons

The National Science Foundation created some illustrative videos on the tragedy of the commons and how to solve it. Have a look at these short videos at the following links for Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 Part 2